1. ID Street Smart Riches Program

This workshop is exclusively designed by Mr. Adrian Wee to deliver a unique and effective way of teaching Interior Design in just 3 days through his 20 years of experience. Students are taught the fundamental and principle of interior design in the way of a 3D box and ways to identify the building materials. On the final day of the workshop, students are taught practically to build the interior of a studio unit that measures 306 sq ft. This workshop does not end with teaching interior designing rather, this workshop, also taught the student ways to build a business model from interior designing to help the student to monetize from what they have learn from the workshop.

2. Die With Massive Debts

Just like the name of the workshop, this is a workshop that taught students to achieve financial freedom not through saving but through Property Science and debts. Students are taught the important criteria to be aware of when doing due diligent for property to avoid overvalued properties. On top of that students will also learn the formulas and calculations of finances which personally used by Mr. Adrian Wee as a property investor himself. As an experienced property investors, he would like to share his years of experience with the students and guide them to create wealth exponentially.

3. The Master Breakthrough Creator Program

The Master Breakthrough Property Program is designed for Platinum & Titanium Circle members only, where Master Coach Adrian Wee coach members on the following elements:-

  • Ultimate Strategic Creation and Planning Blueprint on Sustainable & Scalable Business Model.
  • One on One with Adrian Wee & Advisory Coaches on uncovering Profit Potential on Profit Generation Business Model & Property Investment Model.
  • Develop step-by-step Business System & Profit forecast system to multiply Business Growth and Magnetize Business Financial Funding & Investors. – Master the Ultimate Marketing System that will Explode your business & property Investment exponential growth.

4. 10X Property Program

10X Property Program is specially designed by Adrian Wee for Platinum & Titanium Circle members only. Just like the name of the program, Adrian will 10x members’ property portfolio and at the same time guide and coach on What, Where and How to 10X Property Portfolios. 

5. IDKING Explorer Membership

IDKING Explorer Membership program was founded in Year 2016 where members will have access to China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia Partners.

In the program, IDKING Team bring and lead members to explore China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia as Business where we meet business partners, furniture and accessories partners and trade together.

In this trip, we also cover the 5 successful trade secrets with members:

  • Pre – Trip Consultation
  • Own a Personal Banking Account (China)
  • Corporate visit to Direct Manufacturer Factory
  • Buyer’s Guide of Supplier
  • Trusted Logistic & Forwarder
  • Personalize Post – Trip Inner Circle Group

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