Learn The Proven, Scientific Method Of Pathway To Financial Freedom With Property Investing, And Discover How To Start Or Scale Your Property Portfolio To RM20 Million Dollars

… Whether You’re Just Starting Out With Zero Properties Or Stuck At 2, 3 Or More Properties Under Your Management.

The journey of how property investing gave a man a second chance financially after a failed business, getting in trouble with loan sharks…
… and how he became a multi-millionaire of which in just the last 3 months itself have accumulated more than RM20 million in properties.
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Stop Getting Stuck In Property Investing To Slowly Grow Your Wealth. We Can Help You TO SCALE, Unlock Your Potential and Remove Your Portfolio Cap.

We’ll show you the whole and complete components needed to succeed in property investing, from basic to advanced strategies and systems:

A complete system to sustain and grow your property portfolio to more than RM20 million worth of properties

A scientific way to manage and always ensure cash flow without fear and maximize property returns by adding value

How to reduce investment risk significantly by understanding the property market in-depth (using our propriety methods of ‘13 effects of property selection’)

Free Workshop Worth RM197, Limited To The First 30 Pax!


Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee is property entrepreneur, who works with investors towards accumulating a portfolio of RM20 million.

He’s coached thousands of investors throughout Asia including in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia…

He specializes in advanced strategies of property investing restructuring to ensure constant cash flow and SCALING up while reducing risk, and the insider trade knowledge on how to maximize profits with interior design.

Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee had a failed business even with good clients due to cash flow issues and was in trouble with loan sharks.

He now devotes his time to property entrepreneurship and passes on knowledge to help others become multi-millionaires and to achieve financial freedom using properties.

Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee is a property expert and entrepreneur who work with investors towards accumulating a portfolio of more than RM40 million all over South East Asia countries. He once had a failed business and through perseverance and hardship, he managed to turn his life around with properties.

Being Stuck At 1, 2 or 3 Properties Due To Lack Of Knowledge

Most people know that need to invest in properties. But the average person is usually stuck at just buying 1, 2 or 3 properties.

You KNOW properties can give you wealth, BUT you have no idea how to play the game long term.

Most people are being:

Stuck at cash flow – not enough cash to roll to next properties

Stuck at capital – not enough capital for the next opportunities

Stuck at LTV – not able to maximize margin of loans from the banks

At the end of the day, even if you invest in properties…

Properties Investing Without Proper Knowledge IS SLOW and RETURNS ARE PATHETIC

Without understanding the true mechanism of property investing and the ability to unlock your potential… you will never be able to see true wealth in your life.

It’s just too slow to invest with your current limitation.

At the end of the day, you will LIVE POOR AND DIE WEALTHY without knowing how to scale your property portfolio

Nobody Teaches You How To Survive The Game In The Long Term

A lot of property seminars teach you how to buy multiple properties, take out loans, or the ABCs of the different types of properties.

You’ve probably heard property investing is a marathon and not a sprint. Thus, the knowledge to sustain and survive IS MORE IMPORTANT than buying properties.

Mistakes in property investing that can financially ruin you:

Buying too many properties

Not knowing how to control debt

No scientific process, strategy or exit plan

People Go Bankrupt Because of Property Investing

We can name 8 people that went bankrupt because they stretched beyond their means and had no clue about managing cash flow or any property strategies.

Not knowing how to control debt, buying too many properties, or buying the wrong properties can financially ruin you.

Buying properties is not hard. But the real battle starts after signing the S&P. Immediately afterward, you will either be servicing the loan or interest for projects that are still in development.

If you’re buying projects that will be completed in 3-4 years from now… it means 3-4 years of down time!

The Proper Way To Grow and Scale: The Art and Science of Restructuring To SCALE and BUY UNLIMITED PROPERTIES

You will need a scientific way to sustain, manage cash flow and add value to grow your portfolio.

The 5 Components That Every Serious Investor MUST MASTER:

There are 5 components that you must be extremely familiar with to scale. All property investors MUST be well versed in this, not just in theory, but to really MASTER IT in order to scale.

How to handle interest
How to attain yield
How to always obtain loans from banks
What type of properties to buy
The right markets to enter without fear

If you are well versed in the components above, it will give you more confidence to take out more debt and work towards financial freedom.

I will reveal the MAXIMUM POINT of debt to take, to maximize profits, BUT reduce the risk significantly of over-committing. There is a scientific calculation and system to achieve this.

Free Workshop Worth RM197, Limited To The First 30 Pax!

For A Limited Time – We’re Offering You A FREE 2.5 Hours Property Investing and Scaling To Financial Freedom Workshop Worth RM197, Limited To The First 30 Pax

The key strategies to structure your property portfolio to always ensure cash flow to roll and SCALE YOUR WEALTH (You’ll never be afraid of risk if you knew this)

How the millionaires are using this 'little known structure technique' of properties to finance their LIFESTYLE, and financial commitments with other people’s money and time (It’s almost like using FREE MONEY)

The PRECISE art and science to restructuring to double your portfolio in the next 12 months (and double AGAIN after 3 years)

7 property strategies to maximize income and returns (from rent to rent, fix to flip, we’ll show you how millionaires are doing it)

The financing secrets to getting unlimited mortgage loans and get banks to approve your loans (regardless of your income level)

5 guaranteed ways to increase the perceived value of your property and maximize profits with minimal interior design cost (it’s how luxury hotels and homes design their units with minimal costs)

How to actually rent out your property faster than competitors

Free Workshop Worth RM197, Limited To The First 30 Pax!

Besides the insights above, you’ll be taking away, this workshop is suitable for 3 categories of people.

The 3 Categories of People This Workshop Is For

If you belong to any of these categories, we urge you to attend the workshop.

How to start investing if you don’t have enough savings. Learn how to get the banks to give you loans even if you think you are an undesirable candidate.
If you have cash flow, whether from employment or business, or even some properties, we’ll show you systems and how to use structures to scale your property portfolio with advanced strategies.
Learn how you can maximize leverage. If you have properties that have already increased in prices or if you have paid off properties, come and discover what the next level is for you at the cost of the bank, using other people’s time and money.

If you’re interested in knowing more about starting or scaling your property portfolio with proven scientific methods and structures, fill up the form below to book your seat for the upcoming FREE workshop.

Hear What Our Participants Have to Say About What They’ve Learned

“I learned in-depth about leveraging and how to max out my leverage.” – Ian Ch’ng
“I have a few million in my portfolio, can I borrow more? Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee taught me techniques and I would like to acquire extra RM10mil of properties in the next 3 years which is possible after attending the workshop” – Tony Lim
“I’ll start looking for more properties after this” – Lina

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“Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee taught me techniques and I would like to acquire extra RM10mil of properties in the next 3 years” – Tony Lim
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Free Workshop Worth RM197, Limited To The First 30 Pax!
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Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee
Asia’s No. 1 Leading Authoritative
Property Entrepreneur Coach

Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee
Asia’s No. 1 Leading Authoritative Property Entrepreneur Coach

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