Who are you Benchmarking?

This article is translated from the Chinese version of the same article, HERE.

I know that many people are lost. What is lacking for them is:-

  1. a drink to quench their thirst; and
  2. a bright light to guide their way.

Fortunately, I am both the former and the latter.

The road is long and you can’t see the end. Is there anyone who can help you out of the forest?

So how do you get clarify? Let me suggest these 5 steps you can take immediately to get rid of your confusion:-

1. Benchmarking

List the leaders in your field and set them as your benchmark. Often times, we cannot imagine the future version of ourselves – about the directions we should be going through. Now that someone has outperformed us and is at the forefront of the field, why don’t we use him as a model and learn from him?

Do you know that many new basketball players don’t get to perform immediately just as they joined the team? They can only stand by the side and watch the performance of their seniors, and spend many hours replaying many games by other famous athletes in the same field.

They must study the strategy, skills, teamwork, foot work, etc. of their role model. They also need to know how many times their role model won and how many times they have lost. Isn’t this a brilliant trick?

In the basketball court, save your sweat, it is better to look back at the skills and strategies of both teams in the game, and get some inspiration.

The reason why coaches make such arrangement is that new players are still green and inexperienced, not capable of handling the heat of the game. Taking the champion as a role model, the new players will find the right direction and look forward to the next tournament to test out their skill. Furthermore, they can have a spectator view and know what is the weakness of their own team and how they can contribute to make it stronger.

2. Passive Learning

Of course, while we are benchmarking our role models, our mindset must be correct. We are not trying to make defeating them as our ultimate goal. What we are trying to do here is merely passive learning.

You see, there are no two completely identical people in the world. Even the twin brothers have their own personalities, ideas, and prospects. Therefore, you can’t be exactly the same as the role model that you are benchmarking. Instead, you have to learn the reasons for his success, and then apply these reasons to yourself, so that now you can have the same reasons that propel your role model to success.

Seek to challenge yourself, not to defeat your opponent.

Basketball players keep playing back the video of Michael Jordan’s game before the game, not because he wants to replace him but to learn the skills he uses in each battle. What’s more, do you think it is easy to replace Michael Jordan?

3. Visualisation

After learning, we have to visualise the strengths and weaknesses of our role model and let ourselves have a clear action plan.

Visualisation – As the name implies, still exists only in our mind. If the idea is still stored in your brain, it is nothing more than an illusory, unrealistic thing. It’s like a painter, even if he has the most beautiful scenery is in his head, if he doesn’t paint the scenery, it still just exist in this head, cannot be enjoyed by anyone else.

Draw out the image you have in your mind. It is useless to just leave it in your mind.

Now, all we have to do is ‘paper talk’. It is obvious, but before being executed, aren’t all plans just mere “paper talk”? But it is really important to talk about it on paper. Let yourself be a student again. Let’s brainstorm! At that time, we often brainstormed with friends, and often the plan was made when we are talking.

Now you, even without friends, can think alone. Talk to yourself, deny yourself some of the conventional ideas, and you will find new, innovative plans.

4. Practice

After visualisation, it is time to turn what we have absorbed and learned into practice. After sufficient practice, a new basketball player can finally get into the field and become an athlete at a whole new level.

5. Review

Of course, when you first started playing, the results are not necessarily good. We must always challenge ourselves, fail, improvise, challenge ourselves again, fail, and improvise again…

One day, you will realize the ‘playing style’ that is right for you and for your own success. I hope that my words can be at the right timing and bring you back from your confusion. Let’s hustle together! Success will always belong to those who worked hard.

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