The Ultimate Guide to Fight Procrastination

If great ideas would get us rich, everyone would be rich and successful. Every week or so, some brilliant person will come up to me with an even more brilliant idea. Most of the ideas are really good ideas – brilliant!

One problem thou, how come we don’t see as many rich and successful people around? Thinking alone will not get you rich – it lies in the execution. Executing your plan is what makes you rich. Not mere thinking.

In execution, most of us are not consistent – and this is largely due to procrastination. Feeling lazy, no direction, no “mojo” – so to speak. So let’s break down the top 5 things that you can do immediately to have the energy to get through the day!

  • Sleep Early

This seems like an obvious solution. However, usually, it is the obvious solutions that we are not paying attention to.

If you are always feeling sleeping all the time and have a lack of focus, no energy to work and cannot be on time – try sleeping early tonight. Don’t spend your time at night playing computer games or watching a movie, sleep early and wake up early to have that extra energy in life.

They say, “Early birds get the worm,” and it’s true!

  • Eat Lesser

Additionally, eat lesser during lunch hour. Always make it a habit to order “medium” portion food, or better still small. Only allow yourself to be reasonably filled, and not too full.

I think I don’t need to explain to you that if you are stuffed, your stomach will need more oxygen to digest food and less oxygen will travel to your brain. That’s why you are constantly feeling sleepy after lunch!

  • Drop the Temperature

This is one of the dumb things that I find most companies are doing. They switched on the air-conditioner too low, and as a result, the staff needs to wear a jacket to keep warm.

A productive work habit is not something that you chance upon. It is something you create.

They spend so much energy making the room cold that the people need to invest in jackets to keep warm. What’s the point?!

Increase the room temperature. As long as you are not sweating and the air is circulating, that to me is the ideal situation to work in.

If the temperate is too cold (I have seen some offices whereby the temperate is cold enough that your finger feels numb), then how can you work when your finger cannot even dance on the keyboard.

  • Stand up!

If you are still feeling sleepy after all of that, then stand up! Walk around. If you are working with a laptop, always try to change the work station after 3-4 hours.

That’s why I can stand on stage and speak for the whole day, while you are under the stage, sitting down and feeling sleepy. There’s no special trick, it’s just that I am in a position which generates energy, while you are at a place that’s exactly the opposite.

The turbine can only generate electricity when it’s hot. The engine can only propel movement when there’s combustion. Similarly, you can only be productive when your blood is flowing and you are feeling the heat!

  • Cut All Distraction

If you need to work on a computer (which I bet most of us need to), switch it to airplane mode. Close the internet connection.

If you need to listen to music? Download it beforehand.

I come from a generation whereby going onto the internet is to search for information. I find it sad that this generation is abusing this privilege and using the internet as a distraction instead.

Ask yourself – if the information/song that you are listening to productive to your goal today? If not – eliminate it. Stop doing it.

  • Always remind yourself “WHY!”

I know I only said FIVE methods. But let me over deliver and give you ONE extra bonus.

Always ask yourself “Why?” Stay true to your purpose, and the roads leading here will be as clear as crystal ball!

Always set a task/goal that you need to accomplish today. Remember the Pareto 80/20 Principle. Generally speaking, it means 20% of the things that you do will produce 80% of results.

Practically speaking, do the things that if you don’t finish it today, you will not sleep well tonight. These are the important tasks. Finish it first.

Constantly remind yourself the mission today is to finish these tasks. Don’t deviate from it.

There you have it. The 6 methods to stay productive the whole day and eliminate procrastination. Don’t procrastinate anymore. Your idea is only as worthwhile as you put it in action.

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