Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City Die With Massive Debts Workshop

We have just completed yet another successful Die With Massive Debts workshop in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It was a full 2 weeks stay in Vietnam and many lives have been transformed and perception of MASSIVE DEBTS has been changed as well. Truly thankful and grateful to be able to touch lives around the world including Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and much more countries. Die With Massive Debts is an ART and being in DEBTS will definitely find your financial freedom in life.

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Why Die With Massive Debts – Property Science

Property investment is all about one’s mindset. Some may think positively, some may think negatively – It’s a fact in life.

If your glass is always half empty, you should perhaps look away now!

Let us not get carried away. I’m not promising this is the key to untold riches. We may all want to become millionaires but miracles don’t happen overnight – They have to be earned!

I’m not promising multi-million dollars property portfolio overnight. What I’m promising (whether you have very little money or millions of ringgit) are strategies and ways of thinking which can and will grow your financial wealth in a sustainable and positive way.

Let’s get one thing clear; there are no get rich quick (stay rich) schemes in life; unless you were born into wealth, which most of us aren’t, you have to earn your money by hard work and you are not going to throw it away!

However, you may have reached a point where you are looking for new opportunities and a different lifestyle. You may be looking to give up the day job or cut down on your hard work to spend more time with your family. The lifestyle you aspire will help determine how far you want to go to achieve your goals.

But all goals need a positive mindset coupled with ACTIONS!

You may hanker after financial freedom – The point where you can earn enough money from properties and investments to give up the day job and let your money work for you – hopefully while you get a good night sleep.

The answer is YES. Providing you have a right mindset and the right knowledge. Going into any venture without proper education and advice is a recipe for failures; as would be the case with any sectors of specializations.

Despite the recent economic downturn, many would rather put their money in real estate than stocks and shares or saving accounts. In the buy to rent market alone, there has been a recent upturn in cheaper mortgage products being offered; reports show that people are turning in large numbers into property investment.

In short term, you may not get the capital appreciation on a property in short term; but there are investment opportunities. It just a matter of seeking them out and balancing your desired outcome (long or short term) with the right strategy for you

Investing in property is much more than just bricks and mortars. To become a successful investor it is just as important to invest in people. Really successful property investment come from Investor and Entrepreneurship attitude and Network of Contacts of “POWER TEAM” built in order to grow their portfolios.

Create a trusted POWER TEAM including real estate agents, solicitor, tax consultant, builder, letting and management team, surveyor-architect, mentor, broker, and lender.

An investor doesn’t need millions to invest but a positive mindset, an eye for detail, a degree of financial acumen and determination to succeed.

Just remember that you and your business be prepared for lots of rejection but stay motivated and determined. It is up to each individual to decide whether they have the drive and focus on making a success of themselves.

Join us on our next programs or LIVE Workshops and See You there!

房屋地产200法则 (Magic Number 200 in Property Investment)

很多时候,当我们要从银行申请房屋贷款时,我们通常都会把所有需要的文件交给银行; 他们将键入系统,并回复我们是否有资格申请到房屋贷款。如果我们能够自己掌握和计算不是更好吗?那就能够自己包装自己的贷款了!室内设计王及负债为王创办人,Adrian Wee 黄天成将与你分享200法则让你如何计算30年的贷款。



Many a times when we would like to apply for Mortgage Loan from the banks, we usually will send them all the documents required to the banker; they would key in into the system and revert back to us whether are we eligible to apply the loan amount. Why not we master the engine calculation? Adrian Wee will be sharing with you Magic Number 200 with you today where you can master yourselves how you can calculate for 30 years mortgage tenure.

Watch video now to learn more:



RM700,000 Property, Should I Buy or Not?

RM 700,000 Residential Property in Malaysia, Should I Buy or No Buy?

In this video, Coach Adrian Wee demonstrate a common FAQ by public members that if they see a good deal, and it’s priced at RM700,000 per unit, should they buy or not?

There were many questions like this being asked in Malaysia Property Real Estate Market whereby many are worried and scared to buy residential properties in Malaysia. One of the key points in this educational video is Teacher Adrian Wee demonstrate the power of Negative Gearing and how you can make additional RM700,000 over the next 10 Years, due to inflation of 7% in Malaysia Economic Market.

Interested to learn more with Teacher Adrian Wee? He’s hosting Real Estate Investing LIMITED FREE Workshops across Malaysia.
Check out more information here English Session: http://bit.ly/adrianweepageen or Chinese Session at http://bit.ly/adrianweepage

Coach Adrian Wee also demonstrate how negative gearing is being applied in this scenario.

Watch the video now to learn more:

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Die With Massive Debts Workshop 2016

Die With Massive Debts Program – Signature program by Mr Adrian Wee. Just like the name of the workshop, this is a workshop that taught students to achieve financial freedom not through saving but through Property Science and debts. Students are taught the important criteria to be aware of when doing due diligent for property to avoid overvalued properties. On top of that students will also learn the formulas and calculations of finances which personally used by Mr. Adrian Wee as a property investor himself. As an experienced property investors, he would like to share his years of experience with the students and guide them to create wealth exponentially.






More information about DWMD Workshop, click here.