Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee is a renowned international speaker, master coach, property entrepreneur, esteemed interior designer, and author of the book “Die With Massive Debts.” Dato’ Sri Adrian is the selected few speakers in South East Asia who has shared the same platform with world class speaker such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic and Jay Abraham through Success Resource. He frequently speaks in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

His signature course – “Die With Massive Debts” – has taught over more than 20,000 students on how to acquire wealth by leveraging on bank loans. As of now, the group has collectively generated over more than RM1 billion in bank loans and mortgages. Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee’s himself has personally accumulated over RM 72 million worth of loans under his own name.

Dato’ Sri Adrian is the founder of UPE2U.com – an online breakthrough learning platform which invites speakers from various industries to transfer their skillset and enable the people to enhance the industrial landscape. Users can now learn practical courses which can help them at their business, work or studies at minimum cost.

Over the past 20 years, Dato’ Sri Adrian has collaborated with various developers such as IJM Properties, UM Land Development, Trinity Group, Matrix Development and many other developers to renovate more than 1,000 residential and commercial units. Dato Sri’ Adrian also frequently renovate houses of well-known individuals, including the house of the Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan.

Through his knowledge and experience, Dato’ Sri Adrian had founded ID King Academy as a platform to guide property owners to save money on renovation. In his workshop, students are taught to be able to practically renovate a 306 sq ft area in less than 2 hours and this practical course is first in Asia.

As an avid philanthropist, Dato’ Sri Adrian has started “Project Refresh.” Through this initiative, he has renovated a school for refugees in Selayang and revitalise the classrooms so that the students can learn and study in healthier enviornment. A new initiative – 1L1H – also serves to improve the lives of many unfortunate people around the country.  

Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit that takes action to help the community he is in and makes the world a better place. He now plans to give back to society by spreading his knowledge about property investment and encourage young entrepreneurs to build sustainable business model that will benefit the community.

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