Should Young Graduates Buy A Car First or A Property First?

There are many arguments and question on this: As a young graduates, should I be investing in a car or should I invest in a property first?

Of course, there are many would agree and say that as a young graduates, you must buy a car first instead of a property!  But, teacher Adrian Wee beg to be differ. I would suggest Young Graduates to buy a property first, then only buy a new/2nd hand car.


For example: By investing a RM300,000 worth of property, property is practical and can be rented out upon owning it.

[Worst case scenario: ]

The monthly repayment back to the bank for a property worth RM300,000 is around RM1,500 per month.

If the rental income is less than 1, 500, and instead you only manage to rent out at RM 1, 000 only, so force saving from personal pocket would be RM500. This rental income can then be reported as an income in our bank and income tax. Just declare the collected rental income + force saving of RM500 = RM1,500 to the bank. By doing so, we are telling the bank that the property is generating income itself and this will helps to increase the Debt Service Ratio (DSR) in the bank system.

Once you have done so, your DSR grading system in the bank is positive and then you can opt to buy a new car or a 2nd hand car for yourself. If not, wait for 8 years to 10 years as the property increases in value, you can sell or refinance it. This topic will be discuss separately.

[What if I Buy a Car first? ]

Let’s say if you choose to buying a car first, the car that you have bought cannot be rented out or generate any income to increase your Debt Service Ratio DSR point system in the bank. By then when you want to buy a property, bank might value you as high risk and loan approval would be quite difficult then.

Furthermore, property has investment value in long run game.
The increasing in salary is far behind compare with property price. Property value increases due to 7% inflation in the market, proven with records.

In the next five years, the price of the property will has increase from RM300,000 to RM400,000 – RM450,000 , you have earned 100K – 150K by then when the property value increases;
By then you can sell or Refinance it to buy a NEW Car right?

Hope this small sharing would give value to all of you!
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