How Much Are You Worth To The Bank?

What is Your Stable vs Predictable Income?

Do you ever know how much are you worth to the bank? Bank do not provide loans to those who can’t prove their income.

In this video, Adrian Wee shares the difference between Stable Income and Predictable Income. He also reveals the available options and ways to increase your income in order for you to LEVERAGE more from Banks.

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房屋地产200法则 (Magic Number 200 in Property Investment)

很多时候,当我们要从银行申请房屋贷款时,我们通常都会把所有需要的文件交给银行; 他们将键入系统,并回复我们是否有资格申请到房屋贷款。如果我们能够自己掌握和计算不是更好吗?那就能够自己包装自己的贷款了!室内设计王及负债为王创办人,Adrian Wee 黄天成将与你分享200法则让你如何计算30年的贷款。



Many a times when we would like to apply for Mortgage Loan from the banks, we usually will send them all the documents required to the banker; they would key in into the system and revert back to us whether are we eligible to apply the loan amount. Why not we master the engine calculation? Adrian Wee will be sharing with you Magic Number 200 with you today where you can master yourselves how you can calculate for 30 years mortgage tenure.

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RM700,000 Property, Should I Buy or Not?

RM 700,000 Residential Property in Malaysia, Should I Buy or No Buy?

In this video, Coach Adrian Wee demonstrate a common FAQ by public members that if they see a good deal, and it’s priced at RM700,000 per unit, should they buy or not?

There were many questions like this being asked in Malaysia Property Real Estate Market whereby many are worried and scared to buy residential properties in Malaysia. One of the key points in this educational video is Teacher Adrian Wee demonstrate the power of Negative Gearing and how you can make additional RM700,000 over the next 10 Years, due to inflation of 7% in Malaysia Economic Market.

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Coach Adrian Wee also demonstrate how negative gearing is being applied in this scenario.

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9 Successful Blueprint for Property Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

To be successful in property entrepreneurship, there are 9 elements that every entrepreneurs must have in order to be successful. Many people in the market are talking about property investment as an investment; but here I’m going to share with you what you can do with your properties and turn it into a business.

1. Strategic Game Plan

Begin with an End in mind – I always emphasize this root with students to BEGIN with an END in Mind. Are you investing the properties for Capital gain or Rental Gain? You must develop a clear method of renovating your property or running an interior design renovation business with clarity in finances, marketing and operations.

2. Resources

Identify your current financial reserve and potential of fund raising options. Be extra careful on budgeting is important as it will determine the operation flow and the timeline of completion of the project.

3. Area Due Diligence

The best place to invest is the place “you know the best”. Identify area that will potentially grow in terms of upcoming projects and additional surge of population.

4. Price Due Diligence

Gain the expert knowledge by knowing the price of “un-renovated” and “id renovated” price in targeted area with a  forecast exit value upon id renovated. Choose only selected area you know well for potential of gain after adding value by transforming an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Note: not every property is deem appealing to potential buyer as it is very much determined by the affordability and psychographic of the people in that area.

5. Property Due Diligence

Know how to discover the profit potential of a property before committing in your purchase. Understanding criteria to spot on where you can enhance the  value after the purchase can make you BIG money.

6. Signing the Deal

Buy upon knowing or estimating how much you can exit with the property after id renovated or value add price with creative negotiation strategies.

7. Planning Approval

Get the fastest and the right assistance to get your renovation scope approve by the local council or the property management.

8. Interior Design Renovate

Learn how to design and renovate like a professional interior designer. Mastermind a team for execution with pre plan checklist for a time saving, cost effective and quality works.

9. Sell/Rent

Finally, Sell your property for the highest price with the shortest time and rent your property the fastest time with least amount of effort to accumulate your property portfolio wealth.


Hope that the above sharing will help you in your property investment and entrepreneurship journey.

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Die With Massive Debts Workshop 2016

Die With Massive Debts Program – Signature program by Mr Adrian Wee. Just like the name of the workshop, this is a workshop that taught students to achieve financial freedom not through saving but through Property Science and debts. Students are taught the important criteria to be aware of when doing due diligent for property to avoid overvalued properties. On top of that students will also learn the formulas and calculations of finances which personally used by Mr. Adrian Wee as a property investor himself. As an experienced property investors, he would like to share his years of experience with the students and guide them to create wealth exponentially.






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Success Resources Conference 2016

Adrian Wee

Asia’s #1 King of Interior Design, Master Coach & Property Entrepreneur




Adrian has coached more than 1000 investors in less than ONE year. He lives and breathes building Net Worth for the masses and investor communities.

Over the past 17 years, he has ID renovated more than 1,000 properties, specializing in Show Houses and Developer Sales Galleries. He has guided many HOME OWNERS and COMMERCIAL OWNERS on the Tricks of the Trade connecting them with Reliable Manufacturers, Suppliers, Main Distributors & Traders to SAVE COSTS on their ID Reno Project(s). He is also frequently featured all across Asia media platforms.







Adrian Wee Together with Nick Vujicic, Keynote Speaker of Success 2016 event. Together are Mr Richard Tan – CEO & Founder of Success Resources, Mr Chong – Country Manager of Success Resources Malaysia

Chinese NAC 2016, Success Resources

虚心勤学习,方为人上人!成资集团(Success Resources)首开先河,为您重点推广中文旗舰项目——《人上人成功大会》(National Achievers Congress,简称NAC)。


时至今日,超过5000名横跨亚洲、澳洲、北美洲、欧洲和南非,来自社会各阶层的《人上人成功大会》参与者,透过与各大企业界的代表、领导人、演说家和导师接触交流,丰富了自己的人生。我们的讲师包括了维珍集团(Virgin Group)的创始人理查德·布兰森爵士、英国前首相托尼·布莱尔、美国前总统比尔·克林顿、世界第一潜能开发大师安东尼·罗宾、亿万富翁也是地产大亨兼美国总统候选人的唐纳德·特朗普以及世界著名励志讲师尼克·胡哲。