Centre of Gravity in Property Investment

Where is the best location to buy? This is the most frequently asked question by many property investors during our workshops or even on our Facebook Page. Out of 13 Effects in Die With Massive Debts Workshop, here's the explanation of Centre of Gravity strategy developed

Testimonials from ID King Graduates

Chloe Shee graduated from ID KING Academy in Year 2016, and she started Shepherdgate Concept and run her own Interior Design Business around Klang Valley. Till to date, she has been referred by ID KING Academy family with more than 800,000 sales. She also mentioned

How To Increase & Maximize Your Property Value

Buying property is the first part of the equation, adding value and renovating your property is the second part of the equation. Learn more from Adrian Wee on how to increase and maximize your property value. Over the past 17 years, Adrian Wee has Interior Design

Why Die With Massive Debts – Property Science

Property investment is all about one’s mindset. Some may think positively, some may think negatively – It’s a fact in life. If your glass is always half empty, you should perhaps look away now! Let us not get carried away. I’m not promising this is the key

How Much Are You Worth To The Bank?

What is Your Stable vs Predictable Income? Do you ever know how much are you worth to the bank? Bank do not provide loans to those who can’t prove their income. In this video, Adrian Wee shares the difference between Stable Income and Predictable Income. He also