Many Would Say that, Facebook “Likes“ Is Very Important, Is it So?”

[Many Would Say that, Facebook “Likes“ Is Very Important, Is it So?”]

One of my friend and mentor for social media once said:
“sometimes you see a Facebook LIVE post,
Video post, photo or written post on Facebook;
You will love it and you will click a “LIKE” on that post”
But in your heart, you would say I like it, but I would not copy or do the same thing as the post”

But, sometimes you see certain post, or some post that you can learn many takeaways;
You learnt tactics and strategies; you might or might not click a “LIKE”;
But you would want to mirror the original person who inspire you;
Who has stir your emotion and you want to copy him/her”

So, what’s the lessons we can learn here?

You may notice this, most people base success on the amount of engagement they get, how many “ likes “ a Facebook post has.
But if this the only way you judge it, you are playing the game wrong.

People put a lot of effort into advertising and based the success of it on “ likes ”.
Example: If you are a coach, a content marketing person,
you play a huge role in your own field and area.

Your mission is to keep helping them to achieve great results so that,
they would want to follow your footsteps,
copy your ways of doing things and LOVE to follow You.

That supposed to be the objective of you doing posting on Facebook or Social Media.
Not focusing on LIKES or LOVE,
But so that you can create a group of fans that love you, want to mirror you and Want to be Like You!

Keep Empowering and keep doing that you do no matter how many LIKES you have on your posting, but focus on giving the best materials to your audiences!

Adrian Wee老师,年轻人应该先买汽车还是先买房屋呢?



首先,买一间 RM300,000 的房屋。房屋可以出租,不要自己住哦。(RM300,000 的房屋大概的贷款是 RM1,500 每个月。)

即使租金收不到 1, 500,只能收到 1, 000 的话也可以做为收入。自己再出RM500,当作为储蓄,在income tax把租金报为收入,这样就没有影响到贷款额度了,屋子的租金当成收入报给银行当收入,个人的 DSR Debt Service Ratio 就不会被影响,


再过五年,屋子价钱从原先 RM300,000 升到 RM400,000 时,升
值空间赚了 100 千,那汽车是不是免费了?对不?

所以,买汽车的事,还是放在买屋子之后吧 !

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There are many arguments and question on this: As a young graduates, should I be investing in a car or should I invest in a property first?

Of course, there are many would agree and say that as a young graduates, you must buy a car first instead of a property!  But, teacher Adrian Wee beg to be differ. I would suggest Young Graduates to buy a property first, then only buy a new/2nd hand car.


For example: By investing a RM300,000 worth of property, property is practical and can be rented out upon owning it.

[Worst case scenario: ]

The monthly repayment back to the bank for a property worth RM300,000 is around RM1,500 per month.

If the rental income is less than 1, 500, and instead you only manage to rent out at RM 1, 000 only, so force saving from personal pocket would be RM500. This rental income can then be reported as an income in our bank and income tax. Just declare the collected rental income + force saving of RM500 = RM1,500 to the bank. By doing so, we are telling the bank that the property is generating income itself and this will helps to increase the Debt Service Ratio (DSR) in the bank system.

Once you have done so, your DSR grading system in the bank is positive and then you can opt to buy a new car or a 2nd hand car for yourself. If not, wait for 8 years to 10 years as the property increases in value, you can sell or refinance it. This topic will be discuss separately.

[What if I Buy a Car first? ]

Let’s say if you choose to buying a car first, the car that you have bought cannot be rented out or generate any income to increase your Debt Service Ratio DSR point system in the bank. By then when you want to buy a property, bank might value you as high risk and loan approval would be quite difficult then.

Furthermore, property has investment value in long run game.
The increasing in salary is far behind compare with property price. Property value increases due to 7% inflation in the market, proven with records.

In the next five years, the price of the property will has increase from RM300,000 to RM400,000 – RM450,000 , you have earned 100K – 150K by then when the property value increases;
By then you can sell or Refinance it to buy a NEW Car right?

Hope this small sharing would give value to all of you!
Do share, tag your friends and even spread to your LOVED ONES!

Adrian Wee – 5 Leverage Points Property Matrix – 房地产企业五个杠杆包赢法则

What are the 5 Key Leverage Points in Property Entrepreneurship? 

In order to be 100% Sure-WIN in Property Investing Game, You got to master the 5 leverage points which I’ve created call Property Matrix. 

In this 5 Property Matrix Leverage Points, I strongly stress on Active Income and Passive Income, both are two different engines that can generate wealth to you if you manage it well; if not, it will hurt you badly. Watch and learn carefully in this 16 min length video. 


5 Key Property Matrix; one of the first point which is Property; what types of properties is for you. Not all property are for you. Why? Because your level of appetite to “eat” the property is not the same. You have your own appetite of comfortable and affordable level to shoulder the property that you buy. 


Congratulations! After selecting the property that you wanted, and comfortably and afford your appetite, what is next? Bank Loan or Mortgage Loan is the key. Loan Engine is what I’ve created in Property Matrix. In order to master Loan Engine, you need to calculate your own Loan Ability / Leverage Ability, which we call LA. LA is the key for the bank to trust on you whether are you able to shoulder the property that you have selected. If not, how to prove? How to make sure that you can “eat” the property? That’s why Active Income is the KEY to win in this game. 

Interest %

I use to say that Interest is a double edge sword – it can kill you; or it can build you massive wealth. In this section, I share with you on how to master Negative Gearing.

In order for you to SURE-WIN in this game, Negative Gearing is the key strategy to hold your property. In order for you to eat the property, monthly interest to pay back to the bank is the key fundamental. What strategy do we use then?

The key strategy is Other People’s Time (OPT); which is the tenant’s time. Property Investment is a business; it’s entrepreneurship; thus we got to calculate the RISK to shoulder in order to safely SURE-WIN in Property Investment. The tenant is the one that will pay for the interest of the property repayment; and if it’s not enough to pay back to the installment, we use force saving to top up to the repayment.

Because of 7% inflation (safely inflation) in good locations across Malaysia; property prices will double in 8 – 10 years safely. Check iproperty website or,  or any property portal to see the price transactions. 

Market – How to Select this SURE-WIN Property?

In Market, this is where we use 13th Effects to select sure-win properties. 13th Effects is formulated by Adrian Wee over the years during my profession as an Interior Designer, Renovator and property developer as I was involved in property development back in those days.

Therefore, there are many factors where we can choose the properties ourselves and NOT LISTENING to other GURUS, Property Coach or anyone in the market. I teach this 13th Effects so that you can select your OWN Property, and at your own familiar location, which is where you are staying right now. 

I use to tell my students that it’s unfair to YOU and ME to tell you where you should buy. It’s better for me to equip you and empower with the street-smart knowledge in selecting properties than telling you where to buy. I’m planting seeds  in your brain so that for the next 20 years, 30 years and many years you will know where to buy. This is the power of 13th Effects to Select SURE-WIN Properties. 

Yield – Return on Investment

Yield – Return on Investment is the key to cover back your investment. ROI or Yield is where I empower the students with my knowledge in Interior Design Renovation Street Smart series. I no longer teaching this class; but it’s available online where you can learn yourself.

Over the last 17 years, I run a very successful business in Interior Design & Renovation; also many failures as well and I shared a lot in the video series. Once you have completed all the modules, you will become a PHD Holder in Interior Design & Renovation; where you as a Property Investor, Home Owners or Property Entrepreneur know how to increase the value of your properties by applying Interior Design & Renovation process in your unit. 

If you find this article useful to you, do help me to spread this sharing across the Internet to empower the next layer of your friends and families. I hope this sharing you learnt a lot and will be sharing more articles to come. 

“Together WE Are Massive”

Adrian Wee



Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Adrian Wee 老师与团队恭贺大家新的一年;
新年快乐 2018! ????

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Happy Chinese New Year 2018! ????
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Adrian Wee 黄天成老师3天富债为王课程 – Carmen Tang 分享 | Adrian Wee 十三法则

Adrian Wee 黄天成老师3天富债为王课程 – Carmen Tang 分享

Adrian Wee 黄天成老师两小时富债为王课程:


我是怡保人,但是在 KL很久了
其实我的数学跟对那个 Technical terms 是比较差的
第一个是 Refinance 的东西
然后我会觉得 Refinance 蛤,这样..这样我要多久才供到完?
就是你给多一点,几月几号给钱, 给多一点,那个叫什么了?

[Adrian Wee]
Mortgage Reduction Loan

对,Mortgage Reduction Loan
然后我真的有 apply 这个东西
我一直很 proud that 我比别人更快供完我那个屋子

[Adrian Wee]

就是你那个屋子供完之后, 你带得进棺材么?
So 我这样努力地赚钱,这样努力地还钱做么
我有跟 Partner 有公司的嘛
你开公司然后你要跟你的 Partner 讲

[Adrian Wee]

然后呢,就是加上你这个 Business
Touch Wood 啦,有问题你就有一个东西抵押
啊。。我要怎样回去跟 Partner 讲

[Adrian Wee]
要怎样?要怎样? 带他来这边咯

我已经写了一个 List,要 refer 朋友来上课的 list

[Adrian Wee] Woahhhhh!! 来给她一个鼓掌来!
[Adrian Wee] 还有拜一过后你要做些什么?

就昨天,今天。。昨天开始 text 我的 partner
跟一些一起买屋子的 partner
第二就是,你讲不要了的屋子, 我拿起来那个屋子,我要跟你去割名了

[Adrian Wee] 来,给她一个鼓掌,她真的是知道要怎样做!

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Adrian Wee 黄天成老师 “Astro 点石成钻”栏目专访-第2集

Adrian Wee 黄天成老师教你怎样使用低成本的室内设计装潢增加房产的感知价值。


Learn more from Adrian Wee on how you can increase the perceived value of your property with cost-effective interior design and renovation.

Watch the video to learn more:



Stay tuned for part 3 of the interview.