Hiring Right

Many organisations out there have a “hiring season.” You know, the peak seasons where there is more work than manpower so they hire more at those seasons. I choose to do things differently. Hiring, to me, is 24/7, regardless of season, regardless of workload. Hiring, and

A Leader Worth Following

“To be a champion, you first have to win the heart of the people.” Chinese proverb. I am always of the opinion that a leader must be absolutely ruthless. He doesn’t tolerate weakness and doesn’t take no for an answer. He is one who pursues results

When You Should Buy Properties Using a Company?

When someone asks me if they should or can buy properties using company instead of their own name – I can easily read their intention. Long story short, if you don’t have a good financial record and you are thinking that you can get away

Contentment is the Greatest Happiness in Life

I was running in the park today. After a week-long event in Vietnam, this is the day which I have been waiting for. After the run, I took off my shoes and walked on the patch of grass beside the lake. It has been a

How to Make Talent Stay With Your Company

The other day, I went to this Chinese restaurant to have dinner. My partner asked me, “The food here is good - but too bad - Chinese business owners always like to cut cost and hire foreigners. It is the Bangladeshi who is the chef

3 Types of People Most Suited to Buy Properties

Time flies so quickly. Without notice, I have been in the education industry, teaching about property investment and entrepreneurship for 5 years. In class, I have met people of all kinds. Some are very eager to learn and come prepared with various questions even before the

The ONE Thing All Entrepreneurs Need To Do!

Xiao Liu is 25 years old and has just graduated from college. He has read many biographies and success stories of many entrepreneurs, and he has decided to be one of them. After graduating, he borrowed money from his parents, found a variety of products,