Is Property Investment in Malaysia Still Viable Option?

This article is translated from our Chinese article here. Someone asked me this question during one of my courses:- "Teacher, you have been asking us to take up mortgages from the bank to buy properties, but now there are still a lot of properties that are unsold. Are

The Entrepreneur Within Your Company

Recently I noticed some employees in my company are more entrepreneurial than others and are thus given more opportunities / responsibilities than others. This leads to my office manager asking me, “How is it that we spot that some of our colleagues are more entrepreneurial

Practical Step-by-Step Guide to be a Millionaire

Often times I get questions – “Adrian how do I start a business when I am just a university graduate or when I am still studying?” or “How do I start a business when I am still unemployed?” The quick answer: YOU DON'T. Now if

When You Should Buy Properties Using a Company? (Part II)

In our previous article under the same title, we have looked at the cons of buying property using company name. But does that mean that we shouldn’t do it and that this is totally useless? Not necessarily so. Buying properties using company name has it’s

A Practical Guide to Build Massive Wealth

It is not uncommon for people to ask me how I build my wealth. My own company has grown 10x over the past two years, so I think I am quite qualified to advise on this matter. What pains me is when I see people