How To Be D*mn GOOD In Everything You Do In Life!

What if I tell you when I first started out speaking in public - I was actually very terrible. In fact, I have stage fright. Fast forward to today, I have gained enough confidence to speak in front of thousands of people. But the correct question


在视频里,老师有说到2个方法,可以让年轻人从 ‘零资源’变成‘有资源’。 一、自己创造资源 二、向别人借资源 ‘自己创造资源’ 是许多年轻创业家比较常用的方法。然而,这是一条不简单的路。

Claim Your Own Shadow Back!

“Why is it that he no longer follow me?" "Why is it that he no longer believes in me?" "Why is it that he only come and find me when he needs me?"

Light at the End of the Tunnel

This article is a translation of the Chinese article *HERE* Today is another busy day. Today is my usual working day, and as the team traveled to Ipoh, I kick start the first FREE preview class of the month! During the three hours drive, I looked at


又是忙碌的一天。 今天是我的‘工作日’,我随着团队北上怡保,开启了我这个月份的巡回演讲第一站。 在这3小时的车程中,我看着窗外倒退的风景,有所感慨。窗外的世界就像是我的过往,随着时间一点一滴往前走,有些过往终成回忆。 我的回忆有很多颜色,然而,有一个片段是黑色的 … …

When Freelancers Should NOT Work for Free…

We have all been there, done that. You are an entrepreneur in Malaysia, trying to start up and build a business of your own. Then there will be that one or two friends or relatives who will come and ask you… ”Eh can do this

Who are you Benchmarking?

I know that many people are lost. What is lacking for them is:- 1. a drink to quench their thirst; and 2. bright light to guide their way. Fortunately, I am both the former and the latter.


我知道有很多人正走在迷失的道路上,他们欠缺的无非是: i. 一个当头棒喝;或者是 ii. 一盏明灯