Simple Habits of Highly Successful People

“I would like to do more, but I don’t have enough time! So what should I do?!” I am sure many of you would have been through a similar situation as above. Let me humbly submit it to you, it is not that you don’t have enough





Sub-sales or Project?

Alright, this is the question that has been appearing for some time, so I will attempt to address it. Spoiler alert: There is no right or wrong answer! That’s right. It depends on your intention more than anything else! Case in point: I have some awesome cars, as

The Ultimate Guide to Fight Procrastination

If great ideas would get us rich, everyone would be rich and successful. Every week or so, some brilliant person will come up to me with an even more brilliant idea. Most of the ideas are really good ideas – brilliant! One problem thou, how come

Hey Youngsters, There are Many Ways to Find Resources

This article is translated from the Chinese article HERE. View the video below and learn two ways that can make you be from having “Zero Resources” to having “Unlimited Resources.” The first way to have resources? You can try to create it by yourself. OR you can use the