Adrian Wee 黄天成老师 “Astro 点石成钻”栏目专访-第2集

Adrian Wee 黄天成老师教你怎样使用低成本的室内设计装潢增加房产的感知价值。


Learn more from Adrian Wee on how you can increase the perceived value of your property with cost-effective interior design and renovation.

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Stay tuned for part 3 of the interview.

房产投资人强化训练营学员感言-2017年5月 (Testimonials From The Property Creator Intensive Workshop May 2017)



The Property Creator Intensive Workshop was created to address the real problem of the property investment journey for property investors. Active income is the key fundamental to unlock the safety net.

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Centre of Gravity in Property Investment

Where is the best location to buy? This is the most frequently asked question by many property investors during our workshops or even on our Facebook Page.

Out of 13 Effects in Die With Massive Debts Workshop, here’s the explanation of Centre of Gravity strategy developed Mr Ho Chin Soon Research.

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