【真人真事】因为富债为王课程,他拥有 RM438,000 现金

【真人真事】黎先生2009年在 Puchong 买了一栋价值 RM130,000 的房产,之后他在2012年买了一栋位于 USJ 价值 RM270,000 的房产。


1. 良好的还钱记录;
2. 良好的收入来源;与
3. 良好的借贷能力。

1. 基本生活需求
2. 投资
3. 玩乐
4. 捐款




第1间房产市值 RM 310,000 x 80% = RM 248,000;
第2间房产市值 RM 600,000 x 80% = RM 480,000。

第1间:RM248,000 – RM90,000 (剩余贷款额) = RM158,000
第2间:RM480,000 – RM200,000 (剩余贷款额)= RM280,000

也就是说,黎先生又有 RM 438,000 的资金了。



取之房产,用之房产。从房产翻借到钱,就不应该花在与房产无关的事情上。黎先生的做法就很对,他把这笔钱放在Fix Deposit,当作未雨绸缪的储备金。就算仰赖Negative Gearing来收取额外的收益,房产市场也会有雨季的现象。最重要的是,我们要在雨季的时候,还能确保粮草充足。





[Based on True Story Sharing from Die With Massive Debts Student]

Mr. Lai bought a RM130,000 property in Puchong in 2009, and then in 2012 bought a USJ property worth RM270,000.
Because these two properties are not self-occupied, but his investment tools, he managed his funds carefully after successfully borrowing from the bank.

First, don’t waste money. The bank lends you money because you have:
1. Good repayment history;
2. a good source of income; and
3. Good borrowing capacity.

Furthermore, whether you buy a property or not, financial planning is a homework you must do every month. Once I get my salary every month, I automatically put the funds in different jars:
Basic living needs
1. Investment
2. Have fun
3. Donate

In Year 2016, Mr. Lai took the course of Die With Massive Debts by Dato’ Sri Adrian Wee.
Through the rule of 72, he finally learned that the market is growing at an average inflation rate of 6% – 7% every year, so the time to double the property price should be 8-10 years later.
Although Mr. Lai started to have some thoughts of  selling his property before even attending the class, he chose to trust  teacher  Adrian Wee and waited for more another 3 years.

By 2019, the property has really doubled!
But he chose not to sell, and he used these two properties to apply for a loan from the bank.

Market valuation:
The first property market valuation was RM310,000 x 80% = RM248,000;
The second property has a market value of RM600,000 x 80% = RM480,000.

Property 1: RM248,000 – RM90,000 (remaining loan amount) = RM158,000
Property 2: RM480,000 – RM200,000 (Remaining loan amount) = RM280,000

In other words, Mr. Lai has Cash Out #Cashout another RM 438,000 in funding.

Seeing here, you can imagine, will you be very tempted to use the money or spent the money? No Way!
Because teacher said in the class, this money is not for you!
Do not worry! Don’t be impulsive!

Mr. Lai used the money as a reserve capital for additional real estate in case he needed it.

What You Sowed, is What You Reap!

From borrowing real estate to making cash money, you should not spend on things that are not related to the real estate.
Mr. Lai was very clear and precise in what was being taught by Teacher Adrian Wee. He put the money in the Fix Deposit as a  cash reserve funds.
Even if relying on Negative Gearing to collect additional income, there will be a rainy season in the property market. The most important thing is that we have to make sure that we have enough food during the rainy season.

It’s that simple!

Notes from Teacher Adrian Wee:

Property Debts given by the BANKS is the Secret Weapon almost every multi-millionaires game in playing real estate.
However, people who are interested will say: Yes, this is the game of multi-millionaires.

You try to call someone who has won the lottery to use the money. In 5-10 years, he will definitely spend all the money, because he has no ‘money concept’ at all.
However, for the teacher, ‘poor’ is a thinking, it is not an adjective to measure someone’s financial situation. If a person wants to think ‘poor’, he will never become ‘rich’.

Teacher Adrian Wee’s Mission is to constantly educate and teach more people how to create financial freedom and financial wealth through Property Debts aka Die With Massive Debts.

But of course, I can give you the sword, but you must use it wisely. What I mean here is, I can teach you every science and calculations about property debts, bear in mind, your primary income is till the fundamental above all.

Therefore, if you are interested to learn more, do join Teacher Adrian Wee’s 3 Hours Master Class on Die With Massive Debts to learn the secrets of the Wealth,

and how Teacher use the same method to make a come back from his life during his financial downturn.

Leveraging the BANKS is the KEY to Financial FREEDOM!

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